Soulful (songs with vocals)

by It Won't Stop Productions



A selection of pre-cleared, sample-free soulful songs ready and pre-cleared for sync licensing in TV, Film, Games, Ads, Websites etc..

Featuring the vocal talents of top notch female singers Jay.Soul has written music with. Along the lines of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Little Dragon, Joss Stone, Angie Stone, Mary j. Blige, Alicia Keys etc.

Great fit for scenes involving female characters, dating, relationships, romance, love found, love lost, overcoming obstacles etc.

Self published, meta-tagged, ready to go. Click on any song title for more information. Instrumental versions available. Edits or alternate mixes possible, quick turnaround. Professionally mastered wav/aif files.

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released June 20, 2015


all rights reserved



It Won't Stop Productions Amsterdam, The Netherlands

100% authentic, beats-based music with tons of soul.

As heard in: Hollywood movies, a major video game, dozens of TV shows, int'l commercials, indie films, fashion vids, stage plays, etc.

We offer:
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Track Name: AM444 - Lies (Jay.Soul Truth Remix) [neo-soul/groove/Chinese]
(C. Yehaiyahan)

为什么我要对你说谎 (Wei shen me wo yao dui ni shuo huang)
Why should I lie to you
用谎言撒开一张网 (Yong huang yan sa kai yi zhang wang)
Like a hunter setting a trap
为什么我不能说放就放 (Wei shen me wo bun neng shuo fang jiu fang)
Why can’t I just let it go
像电影一样 (Xiang dian ying yi yang)
Like watching a movie
看过就散场 (Kan guo jiu san chang)
The stories were not real

我想就这样看(靠)着你 (Wo xiang jiu zhe yang kan (kao) zhe ni)
I just want to lean on you
直到心跳都变安静 (Zhi dao xin tiao dou bian an jing)
Until our heartbeats are getting quiet
如果还可以再靠近 (Ru guo hai ke yi zai kao jin)
If we can be closer to each other
我全都说给你听 (Wo quan dou shuo gei ni ting)
I will tell you all
Track Name: Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul - Summer Dresses (ft. Cecilia Stalín) [neo-soul/groove]
(lyrics: C. Stalín, music J. van Olffen – all rights reserved 2008)

Once I saw that smile upon your face
I lost the track of day
Oh it was worth all of those nights
When you were away
Because you know that we have
Can not be disgraced
The magnitude of universe
Can not be built on lies

You give, you give give give,
You give, you give give give,
You give me so much sunshine

Love will steer us to black or white
Well where you do you want to go
Experience is the color you
Choose as you choose to let it go

You give, you give give give,
You give, you give give give,
You give me so much sunshine
Yes, it’s true
I like to
Color your every day
I’ll be red and you’ll be blue

If it isn’t knowledge within our hearts
Beyond the reach of proof
So close your eyes and let it in
And bring some color to your life

Ha. So I wear that dress, yes
You know that one with the special twirl around its end
It is yellow, it is blue
It is green, whatever you choose it to
It is orange or maybe purple
Say whatever you like, I will wear it

Oh it’s true
I like to
Color your every day
I’ll be red and you’ll be blue
It can be, it can be, be, be any type of color
The red, yellow, green, blue and white

And I’ll be green
And you’ll be yellow
And I’ll be blue
And you’ll be brown
And I’ll be brown
And you’ll be soft
And all together
And we’ll be one…
Track Name: AM444 - Guai Meng [indie/breakbeat/Chinese]
怪梦Guai Meng
(lyrics: C. Yehaiyahan music: J. van Olffen)

What are you looking for
Ni men zai xun zhao shen me
I saw some weird colours
Wo kan jian qi guai de yan se
Suddenly so many people around me
Zhou wei hu ran ren hao duo
But all my friends have dissapeared
Ke peng you men dou bu jian le

Someone start to dance next to me
You ren zai wo shen bian tiao wu
Someone starts to play like fire
You ren kais hi wan qi huo
Someone spinning on the floor like a top
You ren xuan zhuan xiang tuo luo
What is happening
Dao di fa sheng le shen me

白色的线 灰色的烟
White lines, gray smoke
Bai de se xian hui se de yan
I can only see people’s red shoulders
Zhi neng kan jian hong se de jian
你的脸出现 又忽然改变
Your face suddenly appears in front of me
Ni de lian chu xian you hu ran gai bian
Then it's gone…I can’t see anything
Ran hou shen me dou kan bu jian

小小的鳞片 散落满天
Little flakes falling from the sky
Xiao xiao de linpian san luo man tian
Some of them land on my lips
You yi pian liang pian diao luo zui bian
Your face appears again
Ni you chu xian zai wo yan qian

Everything is changing shape
Yi qie dou bian hua zhe xing zhuang
Even my face is changing
Jiu lian wo ye bian huan zhe mo yang
Black walls are rising around me
Zhou wei sheng qi hei se de qiang
Soft candy is all over the wall
Qiang shang dou shi rou ruan de tang

People wear colourful make up
Ren men dou hua qi cai de zhuang
And transparent cloth
Hai chuan zhe tou ming de yi shang
Where am I?
Jiu jing zai shen me di fang
You are all mad
Ni men dou feng kuang
我们都疯狂 I'm going mad too
Wo men dou feng kuang

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